Thursday, August 31, 2006

As we come sliding in on a wing and a prayer, I stutter.


Realized tonight the series of short shorts/flash fiction I had started writing were sitting on the floor of my room next to my bed, all of which was against the wall that burnt out in the fire. So those are gone. It wasn't a ton, but I had maybe 16 stories, maybe 3 good ones with 4 or 5 with potential. First of the pieces I've realized I lost. I know there are other things, some manuscript drafts, but I have others of those, though not with the notes from myself and my advisors.

I'll start over this morning. I am writing them on the backs of these error reports our company shoots through to one another (formally they are the means of telling someone they need to do their job right. I think of them as TPS reports). I wonder if it seems too clever, but I just hate seeing the paper go to waste.

Just read Cat's Eye, Atwood, again. It's quiet and subtle and instead of bowling you over it slowly forces you down into tall, soft grass where you can take a nice long think. picked up Apocalypse Culture and a first paperback edition of Fight Club. Zeitgeist anyone? Reread Grendal for the second time this summer, then onto another run at Beowulf, and then a few other interpretations of the story as I prepare the Graphic novel. It's set on Mars. It's fun to write, thats the basic impulse.

Just finished Volume 7 of Grant Morrison's The Invisibles. In the last 5 months I've finished that, Promethea, and The Sandman. Sandman I sort of skipped through over the years, picking off storyarcs here and there, but I started it with the first and ended with the last, in as much as the story of the King of Dreams has a last story.

Guess what the thread at the end of each was? No really, guess, then go out and read them, for the following reasons:
1.They will give you a decades worth of reading suggestions. Allusions abound!
2.They will deepen your appreciation for Sequential Art, Graphic Novels, Graphic Storytelling, and Comic Books.
3.They will help you find beauty in thoughts and ideas you never thought could hold beauty.
4.If you let them, they will give you keys to a new world. If you really want to, they will help become Invisible.
5.They will probably help save the world. How can you not want to read the books that are going to help save the world?