Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Dimensions Present Spectral Ghosts

Why can't a person review a performance/reading event in which they participated? Well because it feels weird, like incest. Or if not quite that far afield, it is at the least not taboo in the good, healthy fun way.

Mostly it was just nice to be able to run a few concurrent linking ventures that actually equalled a real performance. I appreciate being able to work with all of the fine writers and artists who make up Dimensions and the Worldly and Infinitely Dimensional Workshop. The experience was excellent, so I'll take a moment to be slightly narcissistic about the experience.

Really everything that needed to happen got done. Everyone showed up and we had plenty of time to spare, which was surprising, considering how short we were expecting to be on time. But apparently we planned and rehearsed, those of who made, myself not among them on that final sunday, so we came out squeaky clean.

The Venue, Dixon Place, was rather ideal, if a little warm.

I was actually rather excited all day leading up to the night. I always get like that for whatever reason in front of a crowd, but there is nothing really for it other than to say I used to stutter and now in front of people I do not have this problem. It is when I am lounging and lazy that the tongue gets itself all in a huff and my mind is moving too fast for my lazy jaw to keep up. I don't think I am a great performer, but hell, I like the stage, and if I have my say and some time to go over things, I think I come across well, sometimes even interesting.

All of the pieces we performed were written largely, or at least conceived of in-class, and it is a blessing of living in New York and being able to attend workshops at the poetry project that such a group of people are there to be worked with. I feel like I was meant to be in that class, and to hear what these people have to say. I'm a better poet for it.

Well enough of my chortling. I have novels, comic books, essays, and of course a nagging epic to write, not to mention the thought of doing some drawing. I am without class (in the academic, creative sense) for some time, and hopefully remain so, thus allowing for more readings and more reviews of readings to come.

Thank you again to the Dimensions. Party in Brooklyn once I get a job.