Monday, May 01, 2006

The Excitement of Growing Up-Coming

Been away again on the voyages of being and doing, albeit lacking slightly on the having, and well I have nothing much to offer nice, round thoughts on, I am excited about a couple of things at the moment and would like to plug them.

The first is the impending arrival of the first bout of my Palm Press subscription. The books Palm puts out are fantastic, and the subscription is a deal the likes of which even Bacon couldn't put up. Check out what the 2006 has in store at the link at left.

Next is the reading on Wednesday May 3rd at the Poetry Project featuring Ecstatic Peace editors Bryon Coley and Thurston Moore among others. This is exciting since the latter also happens to play lead guitar for Sonic Youth, and it just sounds like coolness will be in the house in a big way, and since this will be the first reading I'm hitting in like 2 months, it has taken residence in the realm of kismet as a righteously good time.

Finally, I checked out Tarpualin Sky today and saw the website was updated, only instead of featuring some nicely righteous artwork, it was a rather subdued main page, with only a fairly striking font to contemplate.

I instantly thought of the White Album.

I'm guessing the reason for the shift in look for this issue is the beginning of the T-Sky Press, and the release of their first book, Jenny Boully's [one love affair]*. This is a great moment, when a great journal begins to put out great work. I won't try and say that its gotten any easier to navigate the world of contemporary poetry, but there are times when you can count on a great piece to land in your mailbox and this is one of them. I've got my order all ready to send.


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