Sunday, July 16, 2006

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It's been a draught and a half on the reading front. I was familiar with the phenomenon from the upstateblishment, but here in The City? This is supposed to be The City. Readings here are supposed to be like ever-vigilant beacons of nobility and super-sonic capery, so I guess just a me bit for those of you who know or don't know me(which I'm guessing is very, very few of my readers[if I don't know you, hey, say hi or something. I'll write you a letter]).

Working on a yet unnamed graphic novel I was asked to write. It's pretty good stuff, and I'm learning about some interesting cultural curiosities. It's nice working on somebody else's story for a change. I'm glad to really able to be very free, free-er than I have been in a while with my own stuff. Hopefully this will get publisherized, and if you have any interest in helping that happen, drop me a note.

Re-working more of the second novel. Anyone I have promised to show this too, sorry. I'm weird with this one. I want you to love it!

Considering re-working The Monument of Vice, my poetry manuscript. There, its copywrited now too, although I should find out if its out there anywhere. Nope. Hello original title with copywrite. Cha-ching! *(does awesome kick-bring-it-on-fist-pull-down combo).

Thinking about updating the profile with something. A weird song just came on. Bloodbook on the Half Shell - Danielson. I keep wondering if thats a karate kid reference. The Paper Chase will make you stand up and kick! New album SOOO good, and live: Fantasterbatory!

Applying for grants and fellowships, working out the project to work on with artist friend thereby transforming the reality of collaboration, and should be starting some work at a writing center soon. Re-reading a friends poetry manuscript so I can give her a good, fresh assessment of it, and also too include a number of links to some contests she should go out and win with it.

The Invisibles will transform you. King Mob Lives!

Worried about the middle east. hoping that if things go from worst to all out "Oh-shit-ness", that at the very least someone develops super-human abilities to stop the global destruction. I'm serious.

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