Thursday, March 30, 2006

7Am no Sleepy time

I think its going to be a while until my next standard post, which is some sort of poetry related musing or general impression from a reading. I just got the new issue of Fence, and once I get twenty minutes to myself I plan to read the intro. Some day I'll read the stuff inside, just oo busy now. That, and I've been meaning to look at Marjorie Perloff's 21st Century Modernism for months now, but Roethke's On Poetry and Craft got in the way(so much so that I hint at it in the novel). The poet{ry/ics/ure} is the semi-prime focus, but I've gotten an inkle for blogging since I got out of work early(4AM) and can't fall asleep, and as it gives the run-away! run-away! from the vache-catapulting-frenchness of hurriedly and furiously writing a manuscript, so I wanted to post.

So here's what's new in novel land. There's more sex. I think I used to be emabarassed to write the sex, and only hinted at it off page. There's an old saying about dying in a book/comicbook, that a character dying between sentences/chapters/scenes/panels dies a thousand deaths. How does that apply to sex?

Anyway, still not sure if the incest(cousins) is going up on the page, but its definately getting more hinting. The non-incestuous cousin is hooking up with the Devil, and the incestuous one is becoming rather lustful of pretty much everyone. Strongly considering changing the ending, well the climax. The ending ending has to stay, since everything is a movement toward that, and thats the story. There are a few things I know, and the rest I am trying to figure out. But it's slow going, and I'm not sure I can do it under the stress. But he's to trying. Thinking about heading out to someplace with tables and coffee. Just polished 2 bowls of Grapenuts though, so maybe that will induce the sleep. Until then, scribble scribble scribble.

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