Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Mirror, the Rabbit, and the whole shebang

Today a woman told me that the when my time comes the pearly gates are standing open for me.

This was most certainly appreciated on my part considering how the previous two days had gone. Those days weren't all bad, had some awesome people to hang with after the f*cked up sh!te, but everything looked gray as grey even though it was definately black and white, but thats what waking up is all about, in the night, when you have wait while the eyes peel apart the velvety shadows and show all those intricately woven gradiations of scale.

I'm hoping to keep this ambiguous, so excuse the language of we(s) and they(s) and the tone. Stepping through the mirror is one thing, jumping down the rabbit hole is another.

But which is the more frightening of the two? The hole looks deep, but the colors are brighter at the bottom. The mirror though, well it all looks the same, but the colors are just a tad off. They're slanted, askew if you will, and
it's in the colors, that barrier keeping you from stepping through, not because you can't, but because you won't let yourself; because you are afraid.

It isn't the colors you are afraid of. The colors are just a tad off, and there is no real harm in that, other than not being able to get the walls right under the brush. What scares you is that if those colors are just a tad off, doesn't that mean you are just a tad off? And since deep down we know how precariously we are each poised, being a tad off is too much a chance of falling. So we (all) get scared, but
they step back, and we're still staring over it. We step through, we jump, because we know falling is the first step in flying.

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