Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The choosiest choices were choosing choice

What the?! Where is this? Oh ho yeah, thats right. Its my choice (if there is any justice in the world it will be) and I choose:

Gore/Obama 2008!

Now let's get small, until my next choice:

A Palm Press Subscription, the best deal in poetry!

Just wanted to put those out there, let'em stew your juices por une momento before we sing teeth toward the largess of the scrawl and scribble, poetry READINGS!

I've dragged myself to two in the last little while, and I'm deficient in the send-up of the first, which was my first in a long little while seeing as everyone was trying to beat the heat (myself in a much more, less cool, literal way), and I found myself out of practice. But number 2 was number one for the Poetry Project this season, and I am membered up and everything. The actual reviews/comments/word-spills coming soon, and be on the lookout for yet another blog coming soon.

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