Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oh Irony, I would slap your face if I weren't so enthralled by your eyes!

Quoting the report by AP reporter Lolita C. Baldor,

"In his first extensive remarks about a recent U.S. intelligence report saying the threat of terrorism has risen, Rumsfeld told reporters at a NATO' meeting that, in general, the value of intelligence reports can be uneven, and "sometimes it's just flat wrong."

Really!? You're kidding Rummy. You're always such a kidder. Just a big, fat kidder you are you kidder Rummy. Intelligence reports... uneven!? Just flat WRONG!? NOOOOOOOO!

NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Whaaaaaaaaaaah!?

You mean to tell me that intelligence reports aren't scrupulously verified and reverified, that top, expert analysts don't pour over each and every shed of material to ensure the highest accuracy of information, confirming to the smallest detail the veracity of sources, and delivered in as clear, concise, and precise terms as possible with the utmost of conviction to their righteousness.

Say it isn't so.

What does this mean Rummy? Are we to no longer rely on the intelligence of the government? What happens when a nation develops Weapons of Mass Destruction, how will we know they have them or not, unless we rely on our intelligence.

Lead us Rummy. Makes US, the U.S., the golden wonder of oh so right rightness we once were!

Oh Rummy, you could be so beautiful if you weren't covered in the excrement issuing from every pore and oriface of your body.

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