Friday, April 14, 2006

I have nothing important to say right now.

I guess this is going to be more of a live journal style post than I am hoping the blog will actually be. I just haven't had a chance to get to any readings or even had time to sit down with some of the new stuff I picked up a couple weeks back, Povel and the latest issue of NOON. Looking forward to those, especially Povel. The idea of the text just sounds fantastic, a poetry/novel, and it won FenceBook's Modern Poet Series award 2005.

There is the sound of an ice cream truck outside. Inside I have Radiohead, Band of Horses, and The Magnetic Fields. There was jazz earlier coming through the ceiling, which I always really appreciate. It's been quite an experience living above a jazz saxophone player and beneath a jazz bassist. Good for the writing, which I've been doing so so much of it feels like I have coming out of my pours.

The ice cream truck is actually rather creepy when I think about. It's too close to being one of things you'd hear late at night in an alley when you're lost and it ends of being some sort of insame clown It sort of thing. Evil clowns, such a dicotomy. I have no idea how to spell that, and I am on a big anti-spell check kick.

More button pushing I guess.

This was really a terrible post.

I am ashamed of it.

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