Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The The or A Small Proclivity Toward Hope and Reclamation

Alright, its getting to be that time. Seems like its earlier and earlier every single time. I remember the days when you actually had to wait for the actual year to roll around. Okay, not really. It hasn't been like that for a while. Since before I was a small blastocyte in my mom's belly.

Anyway, here's the dream: Gore/Obama 2008.

I can see that losing, mind you, but only if they screw the pooch while tripping over their own feet in front of transvestite prostitute.

Since the people of this country
SEEM to have finally realized what a lackluster leader they have in Bushisimo, and they are finally disapproving of the Wars, the lack of Osama capturing, and the obstinant refusal to address the serious issues of human ecological impact, alongside the rampant, corrupt abuses of power, weeeeeeell maybe there is a platform the dems could put together (its not like the GOP is handing them the ticket or anything, oh wait).

So thats the dream, and here's the threat: If anyone other than McCain beats the Dems, I quit. I'm selling my shit and moving to france to work on a Vineyard. I've said all of this before, but this time I mean it. Not that I think anyone could be as awful, evil, downright bad as these assholes running the show right now, but if you can't win coming off the most categorically detrimental administration in the history of this country, then you have no business in politics. Hell, I could win this campaign with a one-eyed mule and a bucket of manure.

Al, Barack, get to work!

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